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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Friends, the best Lifesavers

I worked myself into a state of deep depression over the past month. Everything that should have brought joy forced me to jump overboard and not even hold my nose.

Today while I was splashing around and wondering why I don't just stop treading water and let it go, a friend reached out her hand from New Jersey and rescued me with an extreme generous surprise gift.
This is not the first time this has happened.

Tom,, have all kept me afloat these past months. Just when things seem fruitless, one of these friends have dropped something in the mail that brings me back to knowing I should dump the uglies and embrace the woozers.

Today was a Woozer Day...BIG TIME.

Talia,, dropped me a line and said she had gone shopping and wanted to share. A Fat Quarter, some beads? I missed the retreat and was happy to have her share because I was really down in the dumps.

I had to use 2 tables to spread it all out so I could get a real good look at all this wonderful stuff.
My son had to order Pizza for dinner because I cleared the kitchen table to sort it all out! No one
is allowed near it. I was so busy sorting I forgot I was about to give up the ship!

I missed the retreat, I missed the shopping trip, the sharing a meal together, but Talia's heart is just so huge she pulled me right into the feeling of having been there and met them all!
Thank you Princess!


Rita said...

Bea I am so happy for you, what a treat to open a box full of goodies from a friend. You are such a kind and good person I hope you enjoy making many items with this gift.

Shogun said...

Holee -
Wow that looks like a lot if interesting items. It would take some time to go through them and appreciate each item. And pizza for dinner sounds good...that's what I ate last night. Shogun

Angela said...

You are lucky to have such good friends! :o)

everythingquilts said...

Holee, we all really missed having you at the retreat. I think we could all feel your presence. Talia is such a delight to be around and you are so deserving. We all love you very much.