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Saturday, September 7, 2013

On to the weekend

Looking ahead to up coming surgery this month I decided I better get a move on with this doll project...just in case.  This girl needs a bed and I had a suitable one that would be "okay". While going through boxes for last weeks yard sale I came upon a bed I forgot I had and it fits this doll perfect. It's a great country bed but not good for a modern today's girl.

This weekend I'll be painting it and turning it into something with glitter. I've already made pillows and a blanket. The mattress will need to be recovered.

Every time I go to a store it sends me into a new outfit to make...of course I'm enjoying every bit of this! Here is yesterday's find...just too cute to walk away from!

Well here's the painted sparkles...can't see them to well in a photo but the bed has gold sparkle paint on it


Rhonda said...

You doll is going to love sleeping in that bed with the cute pillows and throw!!
Love it!!

shawkl said...

The bed is wonderful...and those faux fur bedclothes ROCK! Makes me wish I had some on my own bed! Not sure how that would look with my shabby chic curtains...ha!

Hope the surgery goes well for you, and you have a speedy recovery!

Sending hugs!