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Friday, September 27, 2013

Coming to the end...

Yesterday I finished up 4 outfits. Two I won't show you yet because they need me to finish the "accessories" that go with them. But I did get the garden outfit finished...Oh look, a butterfly sat on the spout of her watering can! These boots should have gone with a rain coat but I didn't find the right fabric for that so now they are garden boots. Of course the boots come in many I'll be looking for the fabric to go with another pair!

The next outfit was not in my plans until I saw these hiking boots. So for a fall hike you need to wear your hoodie too! Those boots are just too cool!

When I started out I intended to use buttons, hooks and snaps until a friend told me she had to sew all the button holes shut and sew on Velcro because her 10 yr. old granddaughter hated the little buttons she had to struggle with to dress her doll. After thinking about it I realized this doll will not be dressed and displayed but will be played with and the fun of that is changing her clothing a I've used the Velcro on everything except this jacket and a suit jacket that is just to dressy for Velcro. 

Today I am working on a fur jacket and finishing up the bath robe. I also have to hem the prom dress and I'm not looking forward to that. Many of the outfits are 2 & 3 pieces that can be mixed and matched. I also made extra leggins that I haven't shown that can be used with a lot of things. 

I was feeling a little sad that after making a few hats and shoes I'll be done but then I looked at the stack of outfits I still have cut out that won't be going this time.  When I am feeling better I'll be able to send off some of them from time to time as a special surprise. Reading this I just remembered I didn't get a Christmas dress made. I'll have to think about that!


shawkl said...

Oh those hiking boots are just wonderful, and the outfit is perfect with them. The gardening outfit just looks like pure fun! Love that you added the butterfly to the watering can. If Aidan has half the fun playing with these as you have had creating them...she's in for a "jolly ole time". HUGS!!!

Sherry said...

Aidan is a lucky little girl! You have done a great job on the wardrobe.