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Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Just wanted to drop in and let you all know I'm still kicking. I am confused and depressed. Did you ever hear of a specialist throwing in the towel on a patient? I went to the best Urology group in Lancaster for help. Eight weeks later and a little surgery to explore the problem and I'm worse...and the doctor told me he could only put me on an antibiotic for the rest of my life so I better find someone else.  What?  He gave up?

There are doctors who go through medical school, set up shop and collect, collect and collect, never up dating their knowledge because they don't have to as long as they have a hoard of patients who continue to knock on the door. These "doctor's" are no more doctor's then a hairdresser who wants to give you finger waves.

Then there are doctor's in University hospitals, professor's who are learning and teaching daily. They want to know why you have this and find the way to fix it...So, I'm headed to The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center on Oct. 8th.  I just can't except in 2013 someone telling me you'll have an infection inside your body somewhere for the rest of your life, doing nothing about it and saying come back in 6 weeks...for what?  And when questioned about cancer he said antibiotic's won't do anything to it...What?  Are you for real?

So that's where I am with my life for now.  Since I have that settled now I can finish up the last outfits and get this doll stuff mailed off.  Coming soon the finished outfits!

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shawkl said...

I'm glad you decided to try the University Hospital...just wish you didn't have to wait two more weeks to see them.

Have you thought about talking to the insurance company about this doctor? Seems that he collected and collected and didn't really do much. Wondering if he's done that to others?

Sending hugs of support!