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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Not a clear picture

Slept all afternoon. Nothing to tell at this point. I have to see my Gastroenterologist now. Looks like the problem includes my intestines. Not a surprise with liver disease. I'm thinking maybe I don't want to know.

I did get to finish the pajama's last night. Tomorrow I'll finish up the robe. I have about 7 more outfits to sew and shoes and hats. Then I'll set all the outfits out and add the trims to them. After that,  this project can be packed up and shipped to the grandma who will keep it until the birthday in early November. I have a lot of outfits swimming around in my head that will be surprises in the mail from time to time. New outfits are always good.

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Rhonda said...

Hi Bea. Cute PJs....I could stay in my PJs all day but alas, there's housework to be done. I noticed on your sidebar that the temp there is 53 degrees....we are still in the high 90s...I long for cooler weather.
Take care my friend.