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Friday, September 16, 2011


We all need something to look forward too, some of us need it more then others!

After searching all of the San Antonio area, we decided we wanted to look for a house in or near Helotes, Texas. While we were doing our search we stopped in Helotes at an antique store and a Honky Tonk. Floores is the Honky Tonk where many country singers got their start, Willie Nelson being one of them. We were told that he hasn't forgotten his roots and still does shows at Floores. (

At the time I told Dave that it was most likely a local secret when he would be there, but wouldn't that be so cool to be able to see him in person.

Things haven't been going to well on the home front lately and having something to look forward to was just what I needed to march on.  This morning Dave handed me this:

Now isn't this FUN!  The first thing that struck me was the November 16th date. This is an out doors event. No one would be hanging out doors in Pennsylvania to see anyone sing in mid November! It sure lifted my spirits. I feel like I need to go buy cowboy boots and a hat!


shawkl said...

OH MY! That's WONDERFUL! I know you are just beside yourself giddy! Yes, boots and a hat would be great! And wear RED so he can see you!!! Don't you go and let that pride get the best of you...take your chair so you'll be comfortable...and I just betcha you get to see him up close too!! Woo Hoo, way to go Dave!!
p.s. make sure to post a photo of you in your boots and hat! And don't forget the camera that night either!

Rita said...

This will be fun! What a great night to look forward to. Take a few pictures if you're allowed because the memories will make you smile.

Sherry said...

Have fun!

wildcatmom said...

Absolutely you should have at least the hat. I've seen him twice and if you like 'willie' music, you will LOVE this.