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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sadly, still looking...

I liked the house as soon as I entered the front door. It was very open and lots of room and windows. We went from the livingroom into the kitchen. I pulled the blind away from the sliding door so I could see the yard. I don't know why I decided to open the door and go into the yard, but it was a good thing I did. The second my foot hit the patio a dog in the yard next door began to bark and grawl. It wasn't just a barking dog, it was the kind of a bark a dog does when he's ready to attack. I've heard that deep throat grawl before, very aggressive. Through the spaces in the wood fence I could see a very muscular out line of the dog...a pit bull...he never stopped barking and when Dave went within 5 feet of the fence he began grawling.

Of course the realestate guy continued to do his selling...pointing out the new over sized air conditioner, trying to yell over the dog. We backed into the kitchen and I told the fellow that I would have no use of the yard with the pit bull barking all the time. I couldn't imagine letting our dog outside at all. I had a picture in my head of the dog charging through the wooden fence. Sorry, the dog was a deal breaker. I didn't spend anymore time looking at the rest of the house. He finally said, "Your right, a pit bull is just that and I wouldn't live next to one myself".

We had seen a sign for a yard sale at the end of the street. We wanted to get a feel for the area so we decided to stop at the yard sale. When we pulled up we were very sad to see yet another pit bull, standing without a leash, on the sidewalk. We drove on.

So we are back to looking. There are so few one story houses in this area. We might have to settle for a two story and hope I can manage the steps.


shawkl said...

So sorry the house didn't work out...but, I'd move on with the pit bull issue too! Or any seemingly over aggressive dog next door. Barking doesn't bother me...but the snarling is too much!

Sherry said...

Part of responsible pet ownership is making certain your pet does not bother your neighbor. Neighbor dogs just barking at me in MY OWN YARD ticks me off.

I'm praying God leads you to YOUR house! And if it is a 2-story there will be bedroom/bath for you on the 1st story. Or you could get one of those chairs on the mechanism to take you upstairs!

Darlene's Quilts and Stuff said...

I met a pit bull or the first time last weekend. I was surprised how sweet the do g was. She had a very responsible owner. She even corrected me on the real name of that kind of dog. I do hope you can find something a little more peaceful soon.

Rita said...

Darn! Like you I was hoping this house was it. But......really glad you didn't buy the house with that dog ready to attack as soon as you open the door. It will be such a relief when you can find the right place.

Shogun said...

I couldn't live next door to a dog that was a possible danger. I wonder if the owner selling the house knows the dog is lowering his chances of selling.

I live in a one story and am a big fan of one story houses. So many people end up needing one story or end up trapped on one floor for a variety of reasons.

Hopefully you will find just the right house very soon.