Bee's Hive

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Checking in Rita!  We aren't taking any chances yet. We are still packed up and following the warnings about not using the out door grill or power tools, even electric mowers or weed wackers. One spark could burn acres of land. It looks like we will be getting some rain next weekend or the following week which will help. When you walk across the grass it crunches like crisp cereal. Funny how the weeds are still green and growing!

We got out yesterday to get our flu shoots and got a good look at the burnt as far as you can see. It burnt between houses and mall stores, right down the center like a huge road. A little breeze would have left it jump over the road and onto the golf course where we live....lots of dead dry grass and man made ponds with no water in them. I won't say we are lucky since the rain hasn't started yet.

I can't seem to get started on any project. I have Christmas balls sitting on the table to glitter and a stack of new fabric to work with, but no desire to get myself going right now. The last few days I had to deal with the RA attacking my jaw bones. Not a good way to go on a diet!  The blender is packed to move of course, so I stuck with melted ice cream through a straw. 

We are okay for now, wishing that perfect house comes on the market and looking forward to rain!


shawkl said...

So glad to see you post! I was beginning to think you were hunkered down in some Church basement or a Holiday Inn! So glad the fire is out...and hope it certainly stays that way!

Rita said...

Thanks for checking in. Also for the description you gave of what the fire had burned. I have not seen this kind of fire. Good to know that you are safe. I understand about not having the drive to do the many things you have to do. Maybe it will come with cooler weather.

Sherry said...

Oh my! I did not know that the fire was so close to you! I am glad that you are safe!