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Friday, September 23, 2011

House Hunting...

Dave thinks he found the house for us today. I get to see it Saturday. I think we'll need a weekly cleaning woman!  I'll give you a peek at the photo's he took for me to see.

Family room


Sunken Living Room

Master Bedroom has it's own Fireplace

Yard, Patio and dead grass from the heat this year


shawkl said...

Well it looks wonderful! And, plenty of room for company! Just pack an air mattress and come on down! Looks like it has a little bit of yard too! Oh, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!

tisme said...

Looks really nice Bea! And like Kathy said, room for company!

Rita said...

This home looks just right. Plenty of room for projects and friends. What a blessing!

Sherry said...

Clapping my hands together and squealing for you!

I hope it works out!!

Sherry said...

OH! Which room are you taking over? The sunken living room or the family room? Plenty of space to spread your stuff around!