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Friday, September 30, 2011

Quick note...

We finally had some good rain last night but until it started we were on fire watch because of the lightening that could have sparked flames.  It's already dry again and nothing looks any greener, but while it was coming down it felt good to have some cooler air.

I got a call last night that I was approved for a new's a new name for me, never heard of it. Since they just sent the Humira I can't get it for a month, but at least I know help "might" be on the way.

Dave's back on mandatory over time so house hunting is off for a while.

We have been dealing with a sick dog this week. Don't know if he'll make it, he's pretty old and full of fatty tumors. Today he goes to the vet. He's had a good life. Dave will miss him. I'll miss him also although this past week has been hard since I'm having trouble taking care of myself. As sick as he's been, he still manages to greet Dave at the door when he comes home. He's been spending his days laying at my feet.


Griz with Susie at the doctor's


shawkl said...

Oh, poor Griz. I'm so sorry he's not doing well. He has a soft spot in my heart because he treated me so well during my visit. What a good boy he was! Sure hope the new medicine will do the trick when you get to start on it!!

Darlene's Quilts and Stuff said...

So sorry about the dog my dog is full of those tumors too. I just keep waiting until she can'get around anymore. She is 12 years.

Shogun said...

What a pretty dog. I'll bet Griz needs lots of brushing.