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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

First Day alone in 14 months

Gee, it feels so odd to be alone in the house! Dave and I often didn't see each other all day, but we did talk on Facebook and send emails...funny since we were only one room away from each other.

Today, Tuesday 31st, Dave started at Boeing. He was excited when he left at 5:am this morning. I know he'll have a great day. He won't be able to share anything he is doing but it's pretty easy to see when someone is happy with their job and themself.

The country is having awful weather, even northern Texas is getting awful storms. Here in San Antonio we have no water and we are restricted to a sprinkler on Monday's for 2 hour use. Of course that water has to be used to water the foundation of the house so it doesn't move off it's slab. First thing to do today was to hand water my flowers. Dave  spent the last few days putting down kill for the fire ants. Since last weekend the center of the yard has split open.

The packing is going slow. You would think I would be use to it by now, but this time I'm hating it. Yep, I want to move where it's safe, but I'm tired of moving and this time it's not an adventure.

I also tried to sandwich the homespun French Braid Quilt. I might have to hand quilt this one. Homespun has a mind of it's own and the more you move it, the more it seems to grow. Just noticed the bags hanging on the tote. They are some herbs I'm drying.

The goal is to finish the French Braid and the Flower Quilt so they will be new for the move. I keep getting side tracked. I have to go to Pittsburgh this month so that will mean a shopping trip for a new outfit and shoes. I'll be passing a bead store and quilt shop to get to the mall...(side tracked)...I haven't bought any new fabric but I still like to look.


Sherry said...

Yep! I've moved for the last time. At least willingly... I'm being nice to my son...he'll choose my nursing home and he'll have to do the moving. :D

elsie123 said...

Have you thought yet where you might want to move to? Don't envy you the job of it all. In the meantime, enjoy your solitary days!