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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Violent act

We lived in Lancaster, Pa. for years, among the Amish. We had no fear, left the keys in the car and lawn tractor, never locked the garages or barns and went to bed with the door unlocked in case someone needed to come in. Often we would wake to a pie on the kitchen table or some yummy home made breads.

Then we moved to western, Pa. Again we often left the doors unlocked at night, and keys in cars and garage doors unlocked. We had 15 years of good living, trusting your neighbors and feeling safe.

When we moved to San Antonio Texas a year ago, we realized we were on the very edge of the city where things might not be as safe as we were used to, but living on a golf course made us feel some what safe. I guess we shouldn't have left our guard down.

Since we moved here a year ago we have parked our small trailor at the curb between our house and the one next to us. My son did put a lock in the connector so no one could just hook it onto their truck and drive away. Someone was watching. Maybe one of the people who mow the lawns or maybe someone who picks up the trash.

Wednesday night while we slept, that person or person's tried to steal the trailer. Finding the lock on it, apparently they had someone try to sit in the truck rear and hold onto the trailer as they pulled away. It was too heavy and down the street they dropped it as you can see the scrape marks where it bounced to a halt in the street. They left it where it landed.

People steal, that doesn't bother me so much. But in an angry act of violence to pay us back for not getting away with the trailer, the criminal returned to the driveway and slashed the tonneau cover on our truck, ripping and slashing it in jagged cuts. For some reason they didn't do more damage. Maybe they heard me opening the door to take out the dog or maybe the next door neighbor pulled up, coming home from his night job.

If you remember my posts from a year ago before we moved, you'll remember the tonneau cover was a project my son and I made together for the trip. It wasn't a loss as I was able to patch it back up. It was a violation against my feeling safe living here. Even with the outside lights on and the police making several passes each night, I haven't slept one night. I know we were being watched. There was no way to know which house the trailer belonged too.

The lease arrived a day ago. I don't think we can sign it. After planting a beautiful garden, getting a new fence and patio furniture, I think we have to move. I feel so violated, and I was born and raised in the city of Philadelphia!  It's personal because he returned to the driveway and just didn't pull away when he realized he wouldn't be able to steal the trailer. I keep checking the locks on the doors and last night I felt very unsafe when the dog wanted to go out. He didn't get what he wanted but he left his mark and I can't get over it.

I have experienced one other act of violence against us. When my son was murdered over $20.00 that caused us to move from Philadelphia, Pa. to Lancaster, Pa. I can see the same kind of rage in this slashing. My son was beaten to death with a baseball bat. Anytime another person targets you, the fear that goes with that won't stop unless you change your situation. Maybe I'm over re-acting because of the loss of my son, but the fear is real.

We were just outside talking to some neighbors. They told me that the house 2 down from me was broken into a few weeks ago. The man owned an ice cream truck and had his garage lined with freezers to keep the products in. While he was out, they took his freezers.  He has since moved! Now I don't feel so bad about being scared since he reacted in the same way I am feeling...I want to run away from here.

The finished new project

The act of violence

The patch


shawkl said...


More than likely, they slashed the cover to see quickly what was in the truck bed that might be worth stealing. When that wasn't anything, they tried to take the trailer.

It would not have mattered to them if the trailer and truck was from the same house or not.

I hate this for you!


Sherry said...

What a bummer! I know how pissed off I would be too!! I agree with Kathy that they probably wanted to see what was under the cover.

If people EVERYWHERE would put as much effort into finding a job and working at an honest day instead of looking for "easy pickings"...

elsie123 said...

I hate that this happened to you. Maybe you might consider a smaller town? I know they're not immune from crime, but it might make you feel better.