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Friday, May 20, 2011

Memory Quilt

Now that we are past the job search...Oh that looks so good to see in writing!.. I've had a week of no walking due to the RA attacking my ankles so I had to find some handwork to do. Digging into the tote with all the unfinished projects I found the Crazy Quilt I've been working on for, lets see...years!  I was able to at least finish the binding before putting it back in the tote for another day.

The velvets in the quilt are all pieces cut from my granddaughter's Christmas dresses when they were toddlers or younger. There are also pieces from drapes, maybe 1940's, that I remember hanging in my grandmother's bedroom and a piece from a bureau scarf from her guest room. I used many of her things to put the top together, table cloth from Sunday dinner's, her apron and a piece from her bedspread. I must have only been 3 or 4 years old but remember that spread so well. It was shocking blue satin with a huge peacock in the center out lined in gold thread. Over time is lost it's luster from the sun and age but I cut a piece from the edge that must have been tucked behind the pillows.

I have a box of buttons and pins that were kept for me from grandmothers house that I am adding to the quilt. Her cameo from Italy and my Dad's USO pin. I think they called them sweetheart pins, pearls and my grandfather's watch fob will find it's way into the quilt. Old cotton lace and beads from broken necklaces.

Dave starts work on the 31st and then I can get back to his French Braid Quilt. When you haven't gone to work for over a year, you need to up date your clothing. So this week will be spent on shopping.


elsie123 said...

Congrats to Dave on the job! And your crazy quilt is beautiful. Will you hang it on the wall?

Shogun said...

That is such a pretty quilt with so many special items in it. It's beautiful.