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Friday, May 13, 2011

On the Home Front

What happened to the days when you found a job offer in the newspaper, went for the interview and were told, "Thanks for coming", or "This is what we are offering"?  It's been weeks since Dave found the Job listed on the net, took all the tests, got the phone interview with 3 a packet in the mail with an offer and instructions.

He took the offer that was not a firm offer until all the items listed were met. He passed the background check, security clearance, eye test/medical....and now....we wait again.

In the meantime the clock is ticking down on the last few weeks of unemployment and the stress is awful. He continues to spend 12 hours a day applying for jobs on line and praying he will be called...this is a job he really wants! It's really hard to have something you have dreamed about so close...and so far away.

As for me, I've been dealing with black clay Texas mud from our one and only rain storm. Darn dog keeps dragging it in and it sticks to the tile floors like cement.

I have also been working on the pillow project. I have one finished and one started, with 2 more cut out. Not sure about the flowers. They might end up on a smaller pillow. I might just use lace appliques but I packed those so it will be a real chore to find the right tote they are in. I guess I can always add them later.

ruffle on soft chenelle



Darlene's Quilts and Stuff said...

Gosh Bea I hope Dave finds out soon. Also your pillows are so pretty

Sherry said...

Oh wow! I misread the other post. I thought he had the job sewn up. I'll be praying really, REALLY hard!

Rita said...

I'm so sorry about this extremely long wait for a job. How discouraging it is not to hear and to put so much time and energy into trying to get work. Wishing you both the very best. Your pillows look wonderful love the colors!