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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Big changes coming!

Dave and I live a very quiet life. A lot of the time I'm just too sick to do anything and he has been out of a job since he volunteered to be layed off in March of last year. He took the lay off so no one with a wife and children would find themself out of a job in a decaying town where there is no work. For us it was easy to just pick up and head to a State with a possible future for him and good weather for me.

In the past 13 months he has applied for over 1500 jobs. Finally, this week he was offered a job that he will love if he gets past all the medical and background checks...he should have no problems with them, but until he is actually hired we'll just keep praying.

In the past year we didn't really know our neighbors but the recent attack against our property made it important to find out if it was just one act or if there is actually a problem in the neighborhood. We were told that in the past this was a military neighborhood with no problems but after Katrina it became a place where they moved in victims who did not embrace the fact that Texas gave them a home. Instead they brought with them the violence and bad acts of their past.

In the past 5 years almost every home on my block has been robbed or had a car stolen or they were assaulted in some way. In the past month 3 homes have experienced violence against them. I realized the house 2 away from ours was empty but I didn't know it was because his home was broken into and he picked up and moved because it was not the first time. Another retired military fellow told us he doesn't walk his dog without carrying a machetti...that's scary!

I rented this house over the internet. I told the realestate to move us into a GOOD area since I would be alone and didn't want to have to worry. They only wanted to rent the empty house and didn't care about my safety. I don't consider it safe when you have to sleep with a loaded shot gun next to your bed, but after the stories from the neighbors and the recent assault on the neighborhood, it's the only way.

This new job will keep us in San Antonio but there are nice area's and it won't take long to move there. The north edge of the city seems to be the best area. I never let the grass grow under my feet so yesterday I started to pack! Clear the walls of quilts and wash them was the first start, and fill totes with my dolls. It pretty much cleaned up everything of mine except the sewing/quilting stuff. I even broke down the kitchen and packed items I won't need in the next weeks.

This time we are looking for a single home with at least 3 bedrooms. We have reliable help this time. I'm not looking back. Instead I am looking forward to having a sewing room.

Many little quilts all washed to move

Bare walls and packed totes

Soon the house will be filled with these..oops, must take down the curtain!


shawkl said...

You go girl! It's also good to get this done before Dave starts having to leave for work each day...great planning. Oh a sewing room would just be wonderful for you! (Make sure you include a twin bed in there too!....just saying!)

elsie123 said...

Wonderful! At least you've lived in San Antonio long enough to recognize an area you're comfortable to move to. And tell Dave congratulations on the job!

Sherry said...

YAY!!! I am so glad Dave has pretty much landed a job and you are moving to a safer neighborhood!

I've got to go borrow a photo from your blog then leave a comment sneaky thing you!