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Friday, March 27, 2009

Russian Mini in progress

I am doing a swap with someone internationally. We decided on a theme of places we have vacationed or took a holiday at or places we would like to see. I am doing Russia with it's beautiful St. Basils and Matryoshka dolls.

I started with a photo of St. Basils

I added the dolls on a green background but didn't like it

I also wanted to add the Russian flag which is white, red & blue, but wasn't sure where to add it. I started by removing the dolls and putting them against a blue background. I made points of red and blue and added them to the seam, against the white background to represent the flag. Then the blue border.

I need to do a lot of handwork on St. Basils. It needs a lot of white and green. The "girls" need some additions also. I'm pretty happy with it at this point. I'm thinking I might quilt snowflakes into the white.


Tom H said...

Holee, Your creativity never ceases to amaze me. That one will be super and if my opinion means anything, the snow flakes will set it off just right.

urban craft said...

Great work. Sounds like a cool swap too.

Tracy said...


Barb said...

I looked at that block and am totally amazed....will you make a pattern? I love the dolls as well, is this just something stored in your brain or have you done this before?