Bee's Hive

Sunday, March 22, 2009

More progress

I got the second little red log quilt finished all but tacking down the binding and sewing on the buttons. It's the same but a little different then the last one.

I also stuck with the string balloon quilt and am ready to embellish it.

This put a big dent in my to-do's. I am now ready to work on a private swap, 3 gifts need finishing, and kids pillow cases. I also managed to layer one Christmas quilt that has been sitting here for 3 years! Someone asked for the patterns on this quilt so while I had it out, I decided to put it on the - to finish pile. It turned out to be a good weekend!


OilPainter said...

I love seeing your mini's. I can't wait to see your air balloon quilt once you get it done. The colors are great!

Tracy said...

These are both gorgeous! Happy quilts,huh?