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Monday, March 9, 2009


No matter what happens to me each day, I always have something stacked up that I am working on that makes me feel so good. This year I came upon ConKerr Cancer, pillow cases for kids in hospitals who are getting Cancer treatments. They make me smile as I am making them. They make a sick child smile when they get them.

I asked blog land for help but so far, no one has stepped up and made any pillow cases, until today that is.

and her Dad,
sent me a very wonderful box today, stuffed full of great prints for kids of all ages. These I'll turn into pillow cases and add them to the 50 cases I already have, some made and some in the process of being sewn.

I have gotten some help with this project from other places I "live" on line at. Together I think we will hit 100 cases by half way through this year! I'm so proud of those who have helped out with this and want to say a special Thanks to Tracy and Tom for today's Super Great Mail!


everythingquilts said...

That is a great package. You sure do get a lot done. I'm sure the kids will love their pillow cases.

tisme said...

Wow, that is awesome. I hope when I retire I will have more time to do charity items. With my job, there are never enough hours in the day.

OneCraftataTime said...

As you know I don't sew but I would be glad to help with anything you need. Let me know what I can do to help.