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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pretty writing paper

Today we are getting rain. I won't complain as long as it's not snow! I do think not having sunshine come in the windows is depressing. But don't ya know it, when the mail comes and it has something special in it, it seems to make sunshine where there isn't any!
Shogun, one of the gals from HGTV who is in my mini quilt swap sent me the nicest letter on the sweetest writing paper. She knows I love birds and there are birds on the top & bottom of this pretty paper. She also sent some wonderful fabric with a red design! Thanks Ali! It was a bright spot in my day.


tisme said...

I see the cardinal peaking out of the tree top.
The fabric is lovely too.
We didn`t get any rain at all today, but it was a dreary day. I can`t wait for warmer weather and SUNSHINE!! :)
I finished up my mini today. I am pleased with it, especially since it was my first. And my first hand binded one. Only thing is someone should have told me, not to make it only 1 1/2 inches to start with. lol But it worked.

everythingquilts said...

That is lovely paper. That would make a pretty art quilt, don't ya think? Our weather has been very rainy too, but after the drought situation we had down here in Ga. last year, I don't dare complain about it. But I do wish the sun would shine while it is raining.