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Monday, March 30, 2009

Fairy Tales & Gnomes

I have always been struck by Fairies, Elves and Gnomes. Of course, after a trip to Denmark, I became truely aware of their presence. Lately, with the help of Tom, his carvings and his neighbor's children, they have become a daily part of life again.

I know now that those around me have picked up on my love of Fairy Tales. Today, tisme, sent me a wonderful book! This will stop all my sewing for the next few days while I read every inch of it!

Tammy, this was a wonderful SURPRISE! There is nothing that I love more then having wonderful books that make me laugh and captures my imagination. With all these pictures, you know I'll have to make a mini Gnome Quilt now!

If you ever wanted to see the inside of a Gnomes home, here it is:

How old are Gomes? This book says there were "caveman" Gnomes.

And of course, long distance travel:


tisme said...

:) Enjoy!

TattingChic said...

That is a darling book! I have seen that as a child, someone had it. I remember being entertained for hours by it! :)

Tom H said...

Holee, I bought this book at a damaged book sale, and it is truly a treasure. I am reading selected parts of it to the flower girls next door.