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Saturday, January 10, 2009


It's been snowing since Wednesday. Ten inches expected today..ugh! I've been busy this week, even fit in some out patient surgery. Don't ask, it should have been on a video for worlds worst nurse!

Any how, I got a lot of fabric in the mail this week. First here are some pastels and browns I am using for mini quilts, some for a swap I'm running on HGTV and some for gifts.

I also got this cute Debbie Mum Polar bear fabric which I'll use some to make 2 kids pillow cases out of for Con Kerr Cancer. The rest will be part of my February blog give-away.
I also got some wonderful Moda Twill. I am doing a very "male" project that just calls for this twill. Here are the backs of the project...2 large and 3 smaller wall hangings. I can't show them yet because I want them to be a surprise. This twill will also make bookcovers and great bags!

Remember the Quilt in the Bag mini quilt project that's due Jan.31st? I'm quilting it today and putting on the binding. My story about the castle just would not fit on a 20 x 20 inch project. It grew & grew, so now there are 2 20 x 20 inch quilts that tell the story! I can't show these either until the ower see's them first.

I've entered 2 give-aways and want to mention them here. First there is Kathyrn who is giving away a wonder very Pink gift. I tried to take the photo to post here but for some reason it just wouldn't post.

Over at Bingo Bonnie's, she is giving away CASH. Now to get this you have to do a 15 minute project in your house...a clean up of sorts. Then post it to your blog and tell her.

So Bonnie, here is my clean up. It took the entire 15 minutes to do the food cabinet so I'll save the medicine cabinet for another day. I tried to get a photo of the pancake mix date...Oct 2007! It wouldn't show up, but this means when I moved last August, I moved this very out of date box with me! It certainly was time to clean out! Now I need to re-stock when the darn snow stops!

I sure would like to get the money to put towards fabric for kids pillow cases!

To finish off this post, I cut out 2 pillow cases for Con Kerr Cancer. This fabric is from Universal Studio's, I suppose an older movie because I got it for $1. a yard. I'm sure some little boy will love the apes. I didn't sew them together yet. I think I'll wait until I get a dozen cut out and do them all at once.


Kevin had his surgery to replace his skull. He came through the surgery fine but they did a MESS UP job. His head is still skunken in and his ear is below his other ear. He became very up set when he put his hand up and felt the poor job that was done. This could set him back emotionally for a long time. Please, everyone pray for this injured soldier that they will find a way to fix what went wrong.

I don't know how this could happen. I have a friend who had a motorcycle accident and looked a lot like Kevin did. When the surgery was done he looked normal. The only way this can be explained is that it was POORLY done. I think we expect more from the doctors who are taking care of our wounded.


Pam said...

Hi Holee,
love your pillowcases, you are so generous with your time and talent...always sharing with people who need it. I'm sorry to hear the news of Kevin's initial outcome from the surgery, I was wondering how things were going, hadn't read anything about him recently on your blog.
Thanks for the info about the doll's eyes. I know nothing about dolls!
Stay warm!

Tom H said...

Holee, Two things here! First, Is it important to have softer fabric for the pillow cases? I have some kid type fabric that is not the most expensive, therefore not real soft. Second, The VA system is unlike the public and private systems. There are more checks and balances in the public and private systems. Some VA hospitals are super, and others are terrible. Kevin and his mom are always in my thoughts and prayers.

Linda said...

Thank you for the update on Kevin! I am continuing to keep them in my prayers! I am working my way through the blogs I missed while away and have yet to get to theirs.
Hope your outpatient surgery went okay & that you are recovery well!
I love all the fabrics! The polar bear is too cute, will make wonderful pillowcases! Great idea! Can't wait to see your projects that you are unable to show us right yet. lol
Happy Quilting!

bingo~bonnie said...

Holee!!! Congratulations, you just earned 15 additional entries to my give-away!! THanks for "gettin er DONE!" your pantry looks great. ((something I need to do too))

Love from Texas! ~bonnie