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Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Recently I was looking for a special fabric and found Beaver Creek quilt company on line.

Did you ever feel like you have been sent somewhere? While clicking around the site to see what else they had, I clicked on "show & tell".

This took me to a video at CONKERR CANCER Don't foget to look at the Martha Stewart video on this subject!

This is a no brainer project! Who can't make 6 pillow cases this year? I think we all can do that little thing and I bet if we piled them all up we could have a small mountain of cases made by years end!

I know I was sent to Beaver Creek. Besides getting the wonderful Moda fabric I was looking for, I found a place to use up all those fabric's that never made it into a quilt! I will be surfing and hoping to see lots of pillow cases being made!

Remember my prize of a Moda covered book from Angela? I'm putting it to use! If you post a picture of the pillow cases on your blog & comment anywhere on my blog about the chapter you will be sending them too or sending them to Beaver Creek, the person who makes the most pillow cases by May 1st, will get a yard of fabric and a needle case! I'll be keeping track in my Moda covered book! If we have a tie, I'll pick a winner & decide on other prizes for the runner or runners up.


Julie said...

I love the pillowcase idea!

Tom H said...

Holee, Yep! just one more proof that you are one of the most caring folks around. Maybe a little will rub off....

Holee said...

Does this mean you and Julie are going to make pillow cases? :-)

Tom, I told you, my charities find me. Who would have thought looking for fabric would pull on my heart strings!

Tom H said...

My wife makes pillow cases to match PJ's. I asked her about what kind of fabric. She said, "any kind" as long as it would be interesting to a kid. She asked me if I remember pillow cases as being soft or not, as a kid.

everythingquilts said...

Holee, you are always thinking of others. The conversation we had yesterday helped me so much. Today has been a much better day for me. I think I'm going to try to find some time to sew today, I know it will do me some good.

Holee said...

I cut out 2 kids pillow cases today. I'll take a photo of them tomorrow and post it. It's king Kong and I'm adding purple for the border. I think it's suited for boys 8 to 10.

I also have some polar bear fabric I just got that I think I'll make 2 from. On the MS show they had them made out of halloween fabric and all kinds of crazy stripes and wild colored flowers too.

They treat kids up to age 17 and they asked for people not to forget the older kids. I'm going to look for some guitar or car fabric.

GLAD to see posting Donna!

Rita said...

Hi I am older too although not yet retired hope to be soon. Also have health issues and yet look forward to the next segment of my life. I like making new friends. I keep the old ones if they are not needy. I seem to have made friends who need things but don't remember me. LOL Love to give and help. Also like to be remembered if I'm to sick to cook would like those friends to bring a bit of cooked food to help me.
Have just found an interest in quilting and your ideas of fabric inspire me. I wish you the best on your journey to something better.