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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Castle Quilt

A Castle Story

Somewhere in an Ocean, Upon a pedistool of rocks, sits the Castle of Little and Big girls dreams. The Castle where maidens are saved by a Prince, where they dance and leave behind a shoe, those who fall asleep and wake with a kiss or have a bad sleep because of a pea under the mattress.

Here sits the Castle among the bright colors of life, greens and blues from the ocean and skies that surround it, vivid yellow, oranges and reds from the rays of the sun and darks from the night driven by Mr. Moon.

The castle is cared for by 3 Fairy's, Latanya, Tiania & Shaylee. It is protected by 3 mermaids, Isme, Shene and the Queen maid, Oceandia.

Latanya, Fairy of the gardens, spends her day seeing to the flowers and bringing the treasures of the sea to the castle grounds, giving it sweet smells and sparkles of gems. Her sister fairies, Tiania, Queen of the Fairies, and Shaylee dance and sing for Mr. Moon, keeping him happy and calm. Mr. Moon controls the skies and oceans that surround the castle. Any unhappiness can cause bolts of lightning from the sky and thrashing waves against the castle walls, turning a dream of princesses into a nightmare!

Oceandia is not only the Queen of maids, but her beautiful songs control the sea creatures, calling them to her side and causing the ocean to dance with waves of beauty.

Shene is the keeper of sea serpents, sending them out to protect the castle waters and search for the treasures of the sea. Isme, along with her sister maids, bring the gems of the sea to the mountains base where they await the next dream, turning pumpkins into gems of gold and princesses dressed in sparkling gowns and crystal slippers.

Next time you lay down your head for a night of sleep and find a nightmare about to take you into the dark, put your thoughts to the Castle and float away on the back of a unicorn to a magical dream of sparkles and princesses.


Tom H said...

WOW! Sorry it's worth at least several WOWs. WOW WOW WOW. Creative, and with an creative imagination too. And I am sure that the skill and technique are there too.

Linda said...

I agree with Tom!! Wow! Wow! Wow! Wow! Your story had me entranced from the first sentence! Your quilt... Wow! Absolutely beautiful! Great job!!!

tisme said...

I love your quilt and what a great story!! I second the WOWs! You are one talented lady. :)

everythingquilts said...

I've been dying to see this finished. I think it fabulous! It's so original, and creative. Can't wait to see the ones you're working on now.

Tracy said...

Oh man I wish this were mine! This is truly amazing!!!!!! Great job!

JessicaSews said...

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty!

Pam said...

Love this! I am a mermaid/fairy person too! This is one of the coolest mermaid/fairy quilts I've ever seen. Is this all original artwork? It's beautiful!

Nicki Lee said...

WOW WEEEEE! What can I possibly say?!! Your quilt is gorgeous! OMG! I am soooo impressed with your beautiful story and your even prettier quilt.... it is without a doubt one of the prettiest I have seen... you do have my address don't you? (LOL!)