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Sunday, January 18, 2009


GREAT GAME EAGLES! Next year maybe!

I'll be watching the Eagles and Steelers tonight. I hope both teams win. If they do, I'll find myself in a position of being torn between teams.

Born and raised in Philly, the Eagles, Phillies, Sixer's & Flyers were household names. When I had 4 sons it never mattered if they were winning or not, they were our teams and there was always next year.

Four years ago we moved to Steelers country. When they won we cheered them on. After all, we do still live in Pennsylvania and that makes them our team. Well at least it makes them one of our teams.

If both Pa. teams win tonight we'll be sitting among Steelers fans wearing our Green Eagles shirts. Home is where the Heart is.
So for now.....GO TEAMS GO!


tisme said...

I will be watching and hoping both teams win today! I am going to have to go with the Steelers in the Super Bowl though. As you say, home is where the heart is!
My two sons are Justin=Tennessee Titans, and Joey=Denver Broncos.
My husband says he does not know where those boys came from! :)

Anonymous said...

I guess the Eagles' loss made that a little easier. =)