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Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I am on my 3rd Kitchen Aid Mixer. The first one I bought the cover for but it was ugly plastic. All of the covers I bought after that just never fit the mixer, were too short and not wide enough.

I had a small piece of the red plaid I used on the Kitchen curtains and thought I'd put together a cover. It didn't have to be a great fit, as long as it actually covered the entire Mixer. Here's what I came up with. I love it!

Weather Bug is doing an awful job of forcasting. The 3 inches for last night turned into 12. Then this morning it rained and sleeted for an hour before it turned back into snow. It looks like there is another 6 inches on top of the ice and it's still coming down heavy. Back to sewing. I won't think about this today, I'll think about it tomorrow!


tisme said...

I love your cover! I have kitchen curtains that match it too.
My backyard looks like yours too!
lol, maybe we are closer then you think. :)

everythingquilts said...

The mixer cover is very cute. I just can't imagine dealing with that much snow for so long. Doesn't it make it impossible to get to the store and things. I bet the heating bills up there are scary to open. I bet many of the homes in your area have fire places or woodburning stoves to use during power outages. Now, I see why everyone up north was dreading the winter months coming on. Hopefully it will break soon and temps will rise. I always love the time of years when bulbs start to peek up out of the grown. How long does winter hang around up your way. I know the temps here have been very nice lately, and it has me itching for the ground to dry up so I can get to planting. You stay warm now.

elsie123 said...

Brrr! I'm sure you plan for weather like this, and have plenty of food and projects on hand, but do you ever get cabin fever??? I wouldn't make a very good northerner...

Anonymous said...

Hi Bea I cover my mixer too. It is a quilted one I bought at the old Lazarus it has pockets for my flat beaters. You are a bugger for not showing the blues quilt