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Monday, October 27, 2008

Kevin's Quilts: Delivery

I know I told everyone that Leslie's friend would take the quilts to Florida last week and I'm sure you are wondering if she got them.

It would have cost a lot of money to board the plane with an extra suitcase and I'm not even sure if we could have gotten the Quilts into one suitcase. Kevin's Quilt alone is very big.

I just spoke to Leslie on the phone. She has seen the photo's of the quilts and said they are beautiful. After talking to her it was decided that the Quilts would be safer back here in Pa. and sent to storage with her apartment things on Nov. 1st.

She is living in one small room in a community house, much like the Ronald McDonald house. Space is an issue. Also, they will be leaving Florida for another hospital for more surgeries in the future. The less she has to move the better off she'll be. She does have the small lap quilt which she said Kevin has been using.

Although she won't get to see the quilts now, she is looking forward to coming home and these quilts will be a welcome home gift for all of them in their new home.

Again, I can't Thank you all enough for helping make these wonderful quilts!

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