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Sunday, October 12, 2008

The finished Quilts for Kevin & Family

Getting these photo's was not easy! We were fighting the wind today and just the weight of 3 quilts pulled the line down! But here they are (with my son hidden behind them holding the line up with a 2x4).

Quilts are usually from a pattern, planned block by block. These blocks came from the hearts of woman all over the USA, none seeing the other's block. It always amazes me how these blocks, all together, play off each other and make a wonderful display of magic.

Thanks to all the ladies, the longarm quilters, quilters and those who sent money to help with the cost of the quilts and mailings. You all did a splendid job!

Quilt Labels

Kevin's quilt

Leslie's (Mom's) Quilt

Sister Breezy's Quilt

Quilt backs

This lap quilt has already been posted but was part of the quilt project so I wanted to add it here.

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kbguy said...

wow, so nice. is it easy to be done ? I want one.