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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Cost of Making a Quilt

Another blogger asked what items should be priced at for a craft fair. It got me thinking about the cost of making a quilt. Just food for thought.

Quilt top: 5 to 6 yards at $8 to $12 dollars a yard
Sashing: 2 yards, same $8 to $12 dollars a yard
Border: 2 yards, same $8 to $12 dollars a yard
Batting: approx. 2 1/2 to 3 yards $11 dollars a yard
Backing: all depends on if you use wide backing or yardage, approx: $40.
Binding: 1 yard $8 to $12 dollars a yard
Thread: 5 or more spools at $3 to $5 a spool

Average cost: $175.

Makes you wonder when they auction one off and it only brings $50. Or when you gift a Quilt and it's not appreciated. Of course, this only reflects the money, I haven't mentioned the time put into making a quilt .. and that is most disappointing, people who do not Quilt, never think of the time.

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John said...

Thanks for the advice that you left for me on my blog. I appreciate it! I agree with you that people who don't appreciate all of the time and money that goes into a quilted gift just don't get it.