Bee's Hive

Sunday, October 19, 2008

If it can get worse, it will

After blowing insulation into the attic, we spent the rest of the morning putting up R8 outside insulation on the laundry area to prepare for siding.

Fresh snappy air does one good, but when we entered the house for lunch, we both stopped dead at the kitchen door and just looked at each other with our noses wrinkled up. There was no mistaking the smell...sewage. Of course the sewage pipe is not in the basement, it's in the part of the house with only a crawl space. Son just loved his trip under the house. He did find the problem. A cracked old cast iron sewer pipe. Looks like tomorrow will be another fun day.


everythingquilts said...

I hate to hear that. I try to keep a smile when things like this go wrong, because I fell like good things follow. The sun will shine after the storm. Thank goodness you have such a loving son, that stands by your side when you need him.

elsie123 said...

This is totally off topic from your post, but I've got to tell you I really like the music on your blog! I haven't tackled adding that to mine, but need to look into it.

Ok, back on topic...I like your weekly photos out the back window. Love the view. And I hope the sewage problem is not a hard fix.