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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Little Butterflies

All little girls put their dolls to bed at night so the doll clothes I am working on also needs to include a quilt. This is my own design. I've made these in different ways and sold them to help off set the cost of the many drugs I have to take. I wouldn't want to see these quilts turning up on lots of blogs, of course if you want to make one for yourself or a daughter's doll then that would be okay.

On some of the quilts I use half the amount of butterflies, sometimes in a circle or random. I've used them with a flower applique and on one piece of fabric instead of blocks. The butterflies are made from the 4 corner's of ladies hankies. I will embroider the heads on and on this quilt I will sew metallic gold antenna's because this little girl likes shiny. I'm thinking I'll bind it with pink satin.

I'm also thinking it will need some bling, like beads. The butterflies are less then 2 inches in length. The quilt will finish at about 16 X 20, perfect for an 18 inch doll.


Rhonda said...

What a precious little quilt. Are the butterflies made from ladies handkerchiefs?? Whatever they are made from, you've said they are about 2 inches in size....WOW, you have loads of patience and a great talent.
Take care..

shawkl said...

Very clever idea! And, very pretty! The satin binding in pink will be just perfect for this darling quilt. Can't wait to see how you do the little butterfly heads. Super cool!!