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Wednesday, July 17, 2013


I haven't really thought about color for a long time. Lately I've noticed that over the years people have changed from the basic gentle colors to brights...all but me that is. I think when I first looked at brights they reminded me of picking crayons from a box of 64 colors and having the feeling of panic.

Recently I found a new blog and new friend:  Gene likes color so I decided to hang around his blog and see if I could learn a thing or 2 about how he uses color. He told me to look at nature and sent me a photo of an iris to start with.

When I am finished the doll project I want to do something in bright colors so I decided to start looking at colors using the iris.

I would be starting with 4 colors; Purple, white, green and yellow.



Then came the problem of adding the 5th color. I started with Red since that is my favorite color. Then I selected blue, pink, brown, black, and orange. Orange is my least favorite color.




I knocked out black and brown immediately. The iris is a blue/purple so I knocked out blue. Red, Pink and Orange is left and they are bright. This will take a lot more looking at before I could choose a color. I'm actually leaning towards Orange and that is a color I use only for Halloween, so I am shocked at my feelings about it. I knew this would be hard for me. More on this later!

Here are 2 colors I am considering after looking at this for a few days.



Gene Black said...

For an orange, perhaps a more pastel orange --think of the orange sherbet "push up pops" that we ate as kids. (The ones today have more color added and are not the same)
That soft orange would go great with the iris colors. Audition different shades and tones of red, or maybe just use a thin line of it. You will be surprised.

Rhonda said...

Way to do Bea. Gene is a fantastic teacher and artist and it looks like you are off to a great start!!