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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Monochromatic round robin swap block...Pink

I hate letting things go until the end of the month but this month just got so busy with company and a heat wave that took away my ambition to do anything.

For some reason this block has way too much empty space left with only 2 of us to finish it. I decided to do the large bright pink satin part that others seem to have avoided. I might have to do some other parts too so the owner is not disappointed when she gets it back.

She asked for butterflies so I had one drawn up and ready to go until I saw the large space. I had to increase the size of the butterfly to take up some on the space. I hope to get a better photo of this block in the day light. The work on the butterfly just doesn't show up in this photo and it has lots of crystal beads in it.

Today I dyed the appliques and lace and added them but tomorrow I'll have to wake up the garden with lots of silk ribbon and beads.

This is the block before anything was done to it.

You can see all the empty space left to do. I think I need to do the light colored strip at the top and the seam at the top of the swirly block to help out the last person.

This butterfly turned out great but the photo doesn't show it. I think it's the Ott light I used. The beads are not even the right color in this photo. I'll try outside lighting tomorrow after I do some of the garden.

1 comment:

Rhonda said...

I think your block looks great. Pink doesn't photograph well for some reason but I can see all your details just fine.
I know we are our worst critic.
Take care and keep cool!!