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Friday, July 26, 2013

Hand dyed Fabric

Yesterday's mail brought my win from Vicki Welsh, a beautiful hand dyed icy blue fabric. It might be just the fabric to add to my Lancaster, Pa. covered bridge project which will be a winter scene...when I get to it.

She also sent some other goodies...The Goddess pressing sheet and a sample of misty fuse along with a post it notes of her purple hand dyed fabric. Thank You Vicki and Gene!

This is an awful photo. I think something went wrong with my camera and the photographer isn't the best either!


Rhonda said...

Oh boy! Looks like you're about to create something wonderful!!

Gene Black said...

Oh yay! You got your prize. I am so happy for you. I am a little jealous...that pressing sheet is NICE. I am using a silicone sheet meant for cooking that I got at a bargain. Ha ha. I think it is time for me to upgrade to the Goddess sheet.
Enjoy your winnings and let me know when you post a project made with them.