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Friday, June 28, 2013

Gardening, wonder if it's worth the effort

It's been a bad year for gardening. First of all I can't reach anything below my knee's so I have to find a tool to do anything. I planted too early but that didn't matter since my neighbor's 3 rooster's and a hen took care of the garden. After much to do about free ranging one's chicken's in a neighborhood finally he fenced them in. I planted again only to have the weather change and 2 frosts finished the garden again.

I left it go to weeds and finally it looked like we might get some warm days and sun. I pulled every weed out by the roots, turned the soil and planted again. My garden started to look good and then one day all the buds on my lilies were gone as were the green beans and lettuce. The next morning the corn was eaten to the ground. I caught a bunny in the garden so next we put up a fence and again I planted.

The next day a hole was eaten in the fence and more of the almost bare garden was gone. I couldn't believe a small rabbit could eat a hole in the fence. We put up the trap at the hole. Yesterday morning we had caught the garden thief and it was not the bunny at all.

This little guy has a set of big sharp teeth!  We moved him to his new home a few miles away where he'll have lots to eat and drink...just not mine!  This morning the trap had one of his siblings in it so off to the new home that one went. There could be some 6 or 8 of these fellows but before I replant again we'll wait for the trap to turn up empty one morning.

I'm not so sure all this was worth it. I use to enjoy having a garden but I was healthy then and I don't remember fighting all these things to grow it. I made a list of what wasn't touched. Onions, beets,cucumbers, tomatoes and herbs...not much of a garden.


Rhonda said...

Did you say garden....LOL....I didn't get to plant anything this year and it's a good thing because it's been hot, dry, dusty, with grasshoppers galore. I've got bunnies too and I think I really didn't want to go to all that trouble. Maybe next year or an autumn garden.....sigh!!

Sherry said...

You need raised beds so that you don't have to bend over any lower than necessary.

I want one for better drainage behind by garage - off the screen room. But I've been wanting it about five years now so, evidently it is not going to happen. ;-)

elsie123 said...

You've hung in there longer than I would. I start the season off thinking everything will be so nice and pretty, then it gets so hot I just about don't care. Anything I plant now are perennials so I won't have to replant. Haven't tried too many vegetables.