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Thursday, August 8, 2013

"I've fallen and I can't get up"..ultimate + last Crazy Quilt Monochromatic Block

We all have seen the ad and even made fun of it. Well that ad is simple compared to my fall!  I have to tell you that this was ridiculous and I laughed so hard after it all was myself!

Pennsylvania has been pounded with rain. It's raining again as I speak. This was not a good year for gardens. Plants rotted off at the roots. No one expected that they should plant in mounds but it would have been a good idea. Our garden is flat. It is also a sea of mud but veggies are still trying to grow and that means picking.

I'm sure you all know I have RA. My right knee is shot and in a brace and the right hip needs replacing so my right side is useless, stiff and keeps me from bending or getting up from anything, even a regular chair is too low. ..*The above person should not be swimming around in mud, but she is blonde and has no sense!

I can't use my walker in the corn fields because it is too wide so I'm on my own when picking. I was doing so good until I reached too far to twist off an ear of corn and my foot started to slide in the mud...*a corn stalk is not a good thing to grab onto when down I went with the stalk, face first into a mud puddle. Everyone in the area works and even so who would look for someone laying in a muddy field of corn. Besides the sunflowers surround the garden and they are huge this year.

Ok, I stayed there long enough to feel like a child in a magical garden with the corn silk gently blowing until the sun came out and the bee's arrived. The rest of the story is not pretty...sliding on my belly like a Marine to find something to pull myself up on. Let's just say I went to the garden at 7 am and finally got in the kitchen at 1 pm...mud all over the place, steps, door, sill and kitchen. It's a good thing there were no small children around or I would have scared them to death...the mud monster exiting the corn field. When I looked in the bathroom mirror I had one of those laughing...crying jags.

So it's been a slow week. I refuse to admit that this experience hurt me, even with my black eye...but I've been moving slow.  I'm so sorry no one was around to take some photo's. Every time I think of it, I start laughing.

A few days ago I got the last block in the Monochromatic Round Robin. I am the last person to work on this block and again it has way too many empty spaces to send it home to the owner. How disappointed she would be so I'll just have to do some extra on it and pull it in shape.

Right now there are 7 open spaces and some other work that needs to be done. I hope I can think of enough ideas to finish it up. I chalked in a heart on the right side that will cover 2 spaces. I'm thinking tree and garden on the left side and silk ribbon flowers and beads in the rest of the empty spaces. We'll see what comes to me as I work on it.

By tomorrow I should start to have some doll outfits to show you all. I've been waiting on a new serger, but more on that later.


shawkl said...

Oh Bea...those sunflowers really are tall! You should have aimed for one of them instead of the ear of corn. Hugs!

Don't let that CQ Block work you too hard. If you need help, just mail it on down to me and I'll finish any left-over spaces for you lickety split!

Hugs!! Stay out of the garden until the sun dries up all that mud.


Rhonda said...

OMG, Bea. Your storytelling abilities are astounding. I could imagine all your struggles and all that mud. When you mentioned what small children would have thought if they'd seen you...I really lost it.
I hope any soreness goes away quickly, my friend!!

elsie123 said...

Oh my...I think that's a fear so many of us have is falling when we're alone and not being able to get up. You're so resilient. I'm glad you're able to look back on it with a sense of humor. What else can we do, right???

Take care and enjoy the CQ block, I know you'll work your magic with it!