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Thursday, February 12, 2009


First I have to say I really enjoy my blog, I enjoy other's blogs and I've met some really nice people since I started mine.

There is always a person who intends to belong but should never join in because they just can't follow directions or complete what they started on time.

I joined my first swap in blog land back in November. I sent a nice gift along with the fabric to make my swap quilt. When asked to supply another color, I sent a yard of 2 different fabric's. I was willing to allow my swap partner's child to help with my quilt. I made 2 art quilts for my partner and wrote a story to go with them. When I packed the box to send it to her I included 3 yards of batiks, a tote bag, needle case filled with scissors and supplies, threads, art supplies for her children and a beading set for her daughters.

I was concerned when I didn't hear from her since early December, but kept hoping she was working on my quilt and would complete the swap. She didn't. I know she is alright. She sent me one email in January stating she was busy with school.

Dragonryder4 should not have joined any swaps knowing she was going to attend school, has 4 children to take care of a dog breeding business a job outside the home and her home. I have learned that she didn't complete other swaps. I feel really bad that this happened. I could not do this to anyone. At the very least, I would have had to email them that I took on too much. I would have returned their fabric's and embellishments or any quilts they sent to me.

The person running the swap was Tracy. Among the fake gems you might find a real Gem..and Tracy is just that. Today she sent me a wonderful little quilt and some extra goodies.

I hung the little quilt up so I could enjoy looking at it today. I think this little quilt is the perfect size for one of my antique doll beds. I may never get my quilt wall started if I don't stop dressing up all the doll furniture!

Tracy also sent a mini kit for making an Ohio Star quilt which I just love! Along with that she sent some nice fabrics and a cute Owl card. I have some green and dark peachy red to go with the fabric she to decide what to make!
This was not Tracy's problem that my partner turned out to be a dud. She is just such a sweetie that she didn't want me to go without a quilt. Thanks so much Tracy!


Lisa said...

Good thing is there's more Real Gems then Fake Gems...

everythingquilts said...

Oh my, I had no idea this had happened. I agree your things should have been returned. Anyone could have found time to get these packed and put in the mail. We were given plenty of time to complete the swap. I know how hard you worked on the mini you made her. I'm sorry this happened. That was so sweet of Tracy to go and make this up for you. I think that's why I'm always so quick to get started on my things, I always fear that if I put them off something will happen and I won't meet my commitments. I know we all have things get in the way sometimes but, a simple I'm sorry I won't be able to complete this and I'll mail your things back to you would have been all it would have took. I keep a running list of all the things I sign up for and when they are due, so I can see them on a daily basis and not get my self in a bind. Oh by the way I've been working on my Pay it Forward gifts, I hope you like what I'm making you.

JessicaSews said...

Dear Holee,

I didn't want to read all that you sent this person, knowing your kindness.
T.G. for Tracy. What a nice thing to do. The little quilt and goodies are wonderful.


I wanted to let you know that your package arrived! Mmmmmm, I opened the envelope and it smelled so pretty! So, I gave the envelope a hug and dived in!!
Pretty twills!
Pretty trims!
Pretty buttons!
I had fun playing with them!
I'll let you know once I've used the fabrics. I originally thought I'd make a bag like the Winter Festival, but now that I'm looking at the fabrics.....I might go with a taller bag. I've got so many patterns to choose from!
Thank you again!
~ Jes