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Friday, February 6, 2009

DRUM ROLL...and the WINNER IS...


second place winner... JESSICA...

Ladies, please send me your addy's!

All other Ladies...I am keeping your names in the jar for my "March Floral, Buttons & Beads" drawing. So don't forget to come back first week of March to see the pretty fabric's! We'll be starting out with 15 names in the pot. To make it fair I'm putting each name in only once. Linda & Jessica, you'll have to come back and put your names in if you want a chance!

Thanks Ladies


Linda said...

Yeah! I am so excited! I can't wait to start making organizers for my "sewing" room!
Congratulations to you also Jessica!
Thank you Holee for hosting a giveaway & Congratulations on 100+ posts! May there be many many more to come! :)

JessicaSews said...

Thank Holee! What a big surprise!

I sat down at the computer before I got my cup of java, it's a good thing....I would have made a big mess on the keyboard!!
I look forward to making a bag out of the twill!!!

Congratulations Linda! Have fun with your goodies!

Holee - Your blog is such a positive place to visit! I'm so glad you are a blogger!!
Thank you for hosting a fun Giveaway! I'll celebrate with you in March - you'll have to keep my name out of the pot, though...I've been blessed already!

~ Jes