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Friday, February 6, 2009


I just gave away Moda twill for my 100th post. I got several emails asking me, "What do you do with twill?" I purchased this twill for a special project. I wanted to gift some wall hangings to some carvers that had helped me out. Twill in browns is a very "male" kind of fabric. Not that it can't be used in totes or other things, but I new it would be something a man would like rather then a traditional cotton quilting fabric.

Tom,, and his caving friends helped me out with a project so I wanted to give back a little.

Mostly I thought it might help people to expand their minds when seeing fabric. These twills come in peach, red and I'm sure other wonderful colors. They are soft and easy to work with. I am about to make myself a pillow cover for my van pillow and a roll up for our barbeque forks, flipper & knife.

I had no problem with machine satin stitch or thread painting the faces & beards. From the give-away you will see I used the small stripe for the background and the larger stripe for the border.

The thread painting on the face

I forgot to take a photo of the back. I used quilters cotton fabric's for the backs and the bindings. So next time you have a project maybe you will think outside the box and pick a fabric that is not traditional.

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Linda said...

Yeah! I got my package yesterday, but as we were not home the neighbor brought it into her house for safety and brought it over to me this morning! Thank you so much! I have many ideas (in my head) to use this for! Thank you so very much for your generosity!