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Sunday, February 22, 2009

This fellow had a bad week too!

Is there a full moon? I don't know, I can't see through the snow. I've read a few blogs where bloggers had complaints about this being a terrible week. I know it's been one of the worse weeks I've had in a long time. But, I cried laughing at this fellows ebay item and then felt really bad for him.

I've felt this way over the post office who never honors insurance claims. After insuring a quilt and it never arriving I tried to collect on the insurance. First I had no reciepts for the fabric. They don't pay for the work. If I had reciepts for the fabric I would need a photo of the quilt to show the fabric used and a "note" from the store stating I bought the fabric...a real rip off.

So to the ebay seller, "heavyjuice"....I feel for ya fellow!


Linda said...

Yup, has not been a good week for me! lol We are doing better now though, Thank you so much for your kind words & encouragement!!
I ensured a quilt, had the reciepts, pictures of the quilt, etc... and was told that since I did not have it appraised... I could get nothing! Then why did they let me insure it in the beginning?? LOL Ah, well... live and learn :)
Better days are coming.... SPRING is eventually going to be here! And, I for one, will welcome it with open arms! :)
Thank you for your friendship!

Sherry said...

I forwarded the e-Bay link to my husband. He emphathized with the guy.

"Sell" the quilt. Have a friend write you a check for it. Verify that your customer received the quilt, etc. the check, hand the cash back to your friend. Do all mailing in the friend's name. Waaahaahaha. Wicked, I know.

Linda should've received the cost of the fabrics since she had the receipts IMHO. I would've had a talke with a lawyer friend of mine...

Hey, Holee! Yep Spring is just around the corner for us. Temps last night were close to freezing. I certainly hope we don't see freezing now though. Especially as soon as the peach orchards start blooming.

While you are wishing for Texas now, please remember that we hit 100+ for a few days nearly every August. This year we had 105 for a couple of days. That's when husband and I were on our Alaskan cruise. Perfect timing!

Anonymous said...

Gosh that Ebay guy was so honest about the condition of that old thing but man he was mad at the shipping cos. I never insusre anything I mail or UPS maybe I should start. Never had a problem yet.Darlene