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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Spring....makes me feel so good!

Yes Rita, it's time for an up date. I love the new hospital and the nurses are GREAT. Of course Chemo is not for the lame or weak so tonight is one of those nights where I'd like to fall apart and have someone just rub my body and brush my hair.

For the past month I've been fighting a bacterial infection that won't allow me to even eat dry crackers so this week it's top priority to win that battle.  Lost 15 pounds this week because of it and had to have 2 units of fluid today. The blood work is a mess so there won't be any Chemo for 2 weeks.

By the time I got home today I was feeling light headed so I took the blood thinner and went to bed. An hour ago I woke up to a computer print out on the seat of my walker. It was from the Lancaster Heart Group....Your blood work came back and the number should be at 2.5 but is at 4.5. DON'T FALL ... DON'T GET CUT...DON'T TAKE THE BLOOD THINNER TONIGHT. CALL US FIRST THING IN THE MORNING...REPEAT...DON'T TAKE THE THINNER, DON'T FALL and DON'T GET CUT. EAT GREEN VEGGIES TO BRING THE COUNT UNDER CONTROL....BROCCOLI, ETC.

All weekend I didn't feel good. Your body tells you when there is something wrong if only you listen to it. Tomorrow I'll be eating lots of greens and probiotics.   They tried to make light of it so they told me I was going on a "puppy" diet.....rice, lean beef and banana's.

Now I love pretty things and in the very near future I won't have hair. I decided to balance that with neat hats and fancy ear rings. I've never worn any ear bobs other then one single pearl so this will be a dangle, sparkle event at age 70!  Just a little fun.

In the middle of all this mishap, my friend sent me a package of real sparkle. I gasped when I opened the package....for me? Oh wow how beautiful!  I'll be adding photo's when daylight comes. It sure doesn't matter if I live a week or a year, someone didn't look at that fact. She just looked at the woman who needed a little cheering up........Thank You Kathy! I just feel so special every time I look at the bracelet on my wrist. My infusion team who are all very young will be green with envy over the OWL mirror!

The hard part of having Cancer is that everyone looks at you like you have become Cancer. I'm still the person I was back in November. I love getting the flowers and candy but it sort of shows how people are feeling...give her something she can use up in a week since we don't know....I'm still sewing, I still have commitments to fill. This package made me feel like a woman pretty!

Yes Debby, here is my addy:  B. Gibson  526 School Drive, Fredericksburg, Pa. 17026


Debby said...

SO GLAD to hear an update from you!!! PTL that you have found a hospital and staff you are happy with :) Can you post your address on your blog?

shawkl said...

So glad you like everything...can see the "looks" when you wear the dangling earrings...but THAT bracelet is about the coolest thing I have every made. It could only go to someone I love...and was meant for you! I hope you smile every time you see it...and hope that you give those nurses the "willies" when you wear the spider necklace! It's a pretty maybe not. Just wish I had some Red Spider butt beads! Hugs, Kathy