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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Awful month and still winter!

So many mistakes have been made. I've been treated really bad by doctor's and nurses. Hey people...I'm a person and I'm still alive.  No one seems to care as long as Medicare is paying life is good for them.

So I decided to start from the doctor's, new hospital. The hospital in Lancaster, Pa. is new. It certainly doesn't have the doctor's with the same high experience that Philadelphia has but it seems when people are trying to get noticed and need more patients they behave a lot better. When you have Cancer and are facing death kindness is more important then care as far as I am concerned.

I had my first visit yesterday and will be going once a week until we get things going.

This is the new hospital

I did manage to finish Dave's wool quilt top and am working of the doll quilts so I can get them in the mail.

Thanks to all of you who have offered to send me things I might need. Right now just getting the item's finished that I have promised is just about all I can handle for now. 

I'm hoping I can now give up dates as the treatments start. Thanks to everyone for being here.


Debby said...

Prayers for you!

shawkl said...

Well, the building is pretty. And, so hoping that the doctors will be at least "human" instead of robots! Hoping your legs are better soon. Sending hugs! Kathy

Rita said...

Bea, hoping this new hospital will be the right one for you. Being so sick is hard enough but being treated bad is just awful. It's defeating and does not help you get well at all. Sending many prayers and positive thoughts your way. I hope Spring can give you the feeling that better days are coming.

Rita said...

Having thoughts........wondering how you are and if you might be better?

Rita said...

We are now in the flower growing month of May! Bea, would you tell us how you are and what you think of the new hospital.