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Friday, August 30, 2013

The fall garden

Today I took the time to walk around the garden that will soon be no more. I thought I'd share my walk. This is an old TV tower that I planted morning glories at the base. A few more feet and they'll be hanging off the antenna!

The first sign of fall. The leaves on the dogwood are turning a pretty orange
 Many flowers are now entwined, some have wrapped around the sunflowers.

 This poor thing got hit twice with frost but it hung in and is now blooming it's little heart out
 These are Dave's favorite planted at the side of the garage door. It's a memory of his childhood in Philadelphia where they grew in the cracks of the payment.
 These are taking over at this time of the year. The butterflies love them
 The corn getting it's self ready for decorating the porch. Boy does that field need weeding!
 These are the strangest pumpkins I've ever planted. Usually they are green when they first grow and then turn orange. Not these, they are yellow! Even after the ground hog destroyed a good amount of them, they found their way into the lilac bush.
 and the driveway
 and the neighbors yard
 and around the rose of sharon that is just beautiful right now.
 I'm wondering if they will turn orange?
 The largest ones are laying on black top in the driveway. We had to move a wood pile so this one had space as it seems to get an inch larger each day.
 These were sad all summer but now they are taking one last stand and have grown huge in the past 2 weeks.
 I stopped to pick some peppers and
 some green beans to offer for free at tomorrow's yard freezer is full so I'm hoping someone else can use them. If not...we'll be having peppers and eggs all week!
And then the mail girl handed me a package that contained some seeds to start my garden next year..Thanks Rita!

The birds will soon be the only color in the garden. But for now I'll keep enjoying every last bloom.

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Rita said...

Lots of pretty flowers and yummy garden produce to enjoy. It's the end of the garden but planning for next year is fun. Although my garden area will be very small I believe it will produce all we need.