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Friday, August 23, 2013

All "Green'd" out!

Wow, I don't know who decided green was a good color on your eye sight...I can tell them they are wrong! This block is done!  I can't wait to pack it up and ship it home. This is the upper left corner block with a butterfly and roses added.

 Next is the lower left corner
 Then I did the flower in the lower right. I also added the butterfly and crystals to the block next to it. It just seemed a bit unfinished.
 I used up 2 more blocks with a tree and rose garden
 I've shown this heart before that used 2 blocks
 This is the finished block. At least every block has something going on. I ran out of idea's and my green supply is just about empty. I did use a bit of color to finish but since the center block had color I don't think my small addition will matter.

It's been one of those busy weeks. I also took down a lot of the garden and did up corn, beets, tomatoes, peppers and herbs. I'll need a full day to clean up the sewing room and put away all the green! Maybe now I can take care of the doll project.

Taking about that, my serger works on one needle and 3 spools. Good for all those fancy things but not good for seams and especially knits and stretch fabric's. I ordered a Baby Lock because every one says they love came, I spent $1000.00 and could only find one item that was different from the cheaper ones. They use an air system for threading it. I've never minded threading my serger and have done it hundreds of times to change color. I packed up Baby and sent her back.

I ordered a Brother for $200.00. At my age with poor health, I just don't think it's wise to put so much money into machines. I am happy to have $800.00 back and now that the Green is done I might be able to open the box and try out the new Brother serger. I have 2 tall piles of doll clothes cut out and waiting for the serger and I should be able to knock that out pretty quickly.

Another busy week coming up with a Labor Day Yard Sale and turning over the garden to winterize it.

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