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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Gathering Supplies

After going to many blogs I was able to see how these Mama's were making pretty outfits for these 18 inch dolls. Many use clothing from thrift shop children's sections because the scale of the prints and buttons and buckles are the right size. So many times dresses for special occasions are only worn once and then out grown.

I spent one day ordering from on line, mini buttons, buckles and pretty fold over elastic, then took off to the local Mennonite thrift shop. It was 50 cent day in children's clothing!  Without having small children I had no reason to shop the children's section in the past. Right away I could see why these Mama's were using clothing instead of buying fabric. So many items that looked new and the fabric's in these dresses were so pretty.

I also visited the fabric department. I was able to get fleece, fun fur, terry cloth, wool plaid, Christmas and fancy fabric's. Each was at least 3/4 of a yard and went from 25 cents to a dollar. I found 2 perfect patterns and some embroidery  thread too.

 I couldn't leave without looking at the buttons. Old stock metal buttons with umbrella's on them! Hand painted lady bugs and metal shamrocks. Also metal flower baskets for crazy quilting!
 I also bought 2 puzzles for winter entertainment and glass glitter. The doll boots and sandals came from Wal Mart for 2 dollars each.

I've written about my bread making. When I moved to Texas, I sold many things that just couldn't go with us. One of those items were my old bread pans. Now they don't make them anymore. Instead they make Loaf pans which are too wide for bread. I don't like my bread looking like a meatloaf!  So while shopping the thrift store I spotted old bread pans. Since this photo we have used the dremel on them and cleaned them up like new. I bought 2 large and 3 medium pans for 2 dollars each.

I have one last thing to do before starting on the doll adventure. I need to use one of these patterns to make a sample and make any adjustments to the size. Don't want to ruin any of this fabulous fabric! My total at the thrift store was $22. 37!  Pretty cheap for all the fun I'll get out of my new stuff!


Rhonda said...

I see you've got another hobby. Looks like fun for sure.
BTW, hope you got my message about "following". I know you are.

shawkl said...

Those bread pans were a super well as all the fabrics. I can tell that you are having a great time! Sending hugs!

Sherry said...

This website has several downloadable "period" costumes for AG dolls. The patterns were marketed by AG. Some of the directions are odd, but since you sew you can figure out how to do it right.