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Friday, June 7, 2013

Monochromatic block #2...Gray

I started the second Round Robin Monochromatic block. This gal likes unusual items to be used in her blocks, no cute butterflies or hearts and that suits me fine. They can get pretty boring. She likes the Art Deco era. I looked at sites with full room decorations and saw a lot of Peacocks and Swans, also cats and other birds and animals used. I decided to go with a peacock and swan.

The unusual is the leather I used for the body of the Peacock and the metal bead connector's in the tail. I had an applique yoke that had a perfect center piece for the tail except the background was black. I decided to use it anyway and bead over the black with gray beads. The body is not done yet. Thought I'd leave that to last since it's hard stitching through leather!  I used a piece of a drop earring for the birds "bonnet" and a necklace end to finish off the top of the tail. Lots of work to still be done, not to mention I have to complete some seams with stitching.

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Rhonda said...

This is just lovely. Great job!!