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Friday, May 31, 2013

Food and Peter Rabbit

Today it was in the 90's here in Lancaster. People were groaning about it. I guess after living in San Antonio for 2 years and living with many days of 105 or 110 today's temperature didn't seem so hot to me.

One of my favorite blogs shared her friends bread recipe on her blog. We are hooked on it. Weekly I've been making 2 loaves.

So today was no different even with the heat. After making it, I went up stairs to get the camera but my son came in before I returned.... he had made himself lunch!
Since the oven was hot I decided to make a pineapple up side down cake.
I had to wait for it to cool some so I could turn it out onto a plate so I got busy making Chai tea. I'm not sure why or how it works but it often holds me over between pain pills. The doctor told me it acts like taking extra Tylenol. Doesn't matter, it works so I often make a jug of it so it's on hand.

It's really mostly black tea, fresh ginger, sugar, cardamom and milk.

I decided no garden weeding today but I still had to water. As I turned the corner of the garage I came face to face with Peter Rabbit. Now we've met before. He's been eating my lettuce and since I haven't objected or fenced it in, he's become pretty bold. Look at that guilty expression!

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