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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Walmart is not emergency friendly

Today I had to make a trip to Walmart to have some prescriptions filled and to pick up some food items. Once a month I also use Wal Marts special care to have my infusion medicine filled and sent to me at a cost around $1700.00.  Today I decided to try and use a regular cart since I can't reach anything from a scooter and it's just too painful to get up and down for each item.

I started by leaving my new prescriptions at the Pharmacy. I then made my way across the store to the grocery department. Starting from the rear of the store I began filling my cart with items. By the time I reached the frozen department I was in a lot of pain. I decided to skip that department and just grab a few items from fresh foods.  By this time the pain had fully taken over. I was now feeling light headed and sick to my stomach. With Rheumatoid Arthritis, severe pain can hit and within minutes it can take you down to your knees. I needed to take a pain pill immediately. I don't know how I managed to check out but I do know there was no drinks at the check out and the ladies room was a good walk away in the wrong direction. I made my way to the Pharmacy. Now my head was pounding and I was seeing spots before my eyes.

No one was in line so I approached the counter. I was happy to see a sink in the rear of the Pharmacy. I only needed one mouth full of water to get this pain pill down and I would be able to start to recover within a few minutes if I just sat down on the bench in the Pharmacy.

An older man, maybe the Pharmacist, came to the counter. I told him I was very sick and needed a mouth full of water to take a pain pill. He told me he had no water. I told him if I didn't get some water I was going to pass out from the pain. Again he said we don't have any water. I said, "please, you have a sink". He ignored me and asked for my name. He pulled my medicine from the wall and told me to sign. I scribbled my name and he walked away.

I laid my body over my groceries and shuffled out the door where my son was waiting in the first handicapped parking spot. He saw I was in trouble and ran over to hold me up and move me to the car. I told him I needed a pain pill and had no drink. He ripped open a half gallon carton of juice. By the time he had unloaded the grocery cart I had stopped shaking and my color was coming back. Fifteen minutes later when we reached our driveway, I was feeling back to normal.

I reached my co pay so I didn't have to pay for the prescriptions but I'm sure they cost about $100. or maybe more. My groceries were $85.00 and I've already received my infusion delivery for the month for $1700.00. from Wal mart. I wonder if I would have allowed myself to fall to my knee's if then I might have been able to get a free mouth full of water?

I've already stopped buying food items grown in Mexico or China and am doing fine without them. It might be time to stop buying from Wal Mart. The Super Store idea is no longer Super in my opinion. When people no longer care about people it's time to find places to spend my money where they do care. It sure wasn't worth the savings to have to drag my sick body through what seems like miles of items I didn't want and then be treated to a lesson on how not to care when someone is having an emergency.


Rita said...

This is just beyond bad. I cannot imagine people ignoring you when you were pale and looking like you might fall, so obvious you were in terrible pain. We need to care about one another. I'm so glad you made it out to your son and so sorry you had to put up with abuse. And at WalMart where there were plenty of people who could help you.

Rhonda said...

This is horrible. That person needs to be reported. It never ceases to amaze me how mean and unthinking people can be. I'm sending warm thoughts and a prayer your way.