Bee's Hive

Thursday, May 2, 2013

A little piece of spring

From my attic sewing room window I can see this old big beautiful Dogwood tree. It's just so pleasant to look up and see the flowers dancing in the breeze.

I am also living among many lilac trees. The smell fills the air so I decided to enjoy some in my old tin basin. I brought them inside and now the house smells as good as the garden.


Margie said...

Enjoy reading your blog when you post. I think lilacs are right up there with pinks (a plant started from my mothers plant) as my favorite. They are similar to carnations. I picked a bouquet of lilacs last week and took them with us in the trailer to the coast. Really could smell them in that small space! Take Care

Alica said...

Your lilacs look beautiful in that metal basin! I cut some and set them on my porch in a pint jar, but they didn't last long! :(