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Friday, November 4, 2011

Southwestern colors

I thought before I go wild and buy the wrong colors to go with the orange kitchen, I'd better find out just what southwestern color are!

Looks like they use red with orange!  If I had to pick the color I disliked most it would be orange! But we came to Texas for a "new life" so it's time to put away my east coast pastels and think Sun and Bright!

Yes elsie, I did finish the boots wall hanging. I've been collecting western items, kids cowboy boots, hats spurs and some indian items. I'll take along the paint chip colors so I don't fall back to the things I am use too.  Of course the easy thing to do would be to just paint the walls...but with Dave's hours and the holidays coming up that won't be happening.  Maybe it's just time to let go and get with San Antonio's Mexican background!

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shawkl said...

Chili peppers go with everything! Ha! Plant you a couple of jalapeno plants next year, and then pick all of the red ones and string them. I have a huge bunch hanging on my kitchen wall with my pots and pans! Loving the bright teal color too!