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Friday, November 18, 2011

A crazy life....

Once again everything has changed. We couldn't find a rental so we went with a sale house. I've gone through the kind of realestate sales in Florida that you end up with less then you signed up for, but Texas has them might end up with more taxes, water bills, and suit's against a property...and rude nasty sales people who lie and make demands with conviction.

I won't say anymore because I'm still to angry...lets just say we took most of our furniture to goodwill, packed the entire house and then had to back out because of ...well, we just backed out, period.

Wednesday was a terrible day. After the house problems, Griz, our loved dog, got so sick he could just about stand up so we had to go off to the vets to have him put down. Dave fell completely apart when we got there so I had to hold's an awful thing to have to do to a pet who is looking into your eyes with love and trust, not knowing .... It's very up setting and something I'm having a problem with.

A few hours later we had tickets to the Willie Nelson concert. We went, but it was not an evening we could say we enjoyed. To top off my sad feelings, a vet without legs was in a wheel chair next to me. We had been sitting up front, close to the stage for almost 2 hours. As 10:30 approached and Willie was about to come on stage, people began to push in around us. I had a good view of the fat guys flannel shirt who managed to step over my feet and plant himself almost on my lap. The vet next to me had the same kind of a view as people closed in and didn't care about those of us who were stuck in chairs and couldn't see around or over them.

A few times someone would fall backwards into one of our laps. I poked the fellow in front of us and asked him if the guy next to me could get a look at Willie and use his camera...he said, "Lady, I paid for my ticket same as he did"...and he didn't move one inch. Finally, a few minutes before the concert was over the guy was pretty drunk and had to leave, most likely for the bathroom..or maybe the last call of the night for another beer...we only had a few seconds before people filled the hole where he had been, but we both got to take a few photo's.  I guess that's how some people really feel about our vets. Not one person was willing to move over, not even for 2 minutes.

Mean time Dave is working 12 hour days, 12 days in a row. He's exhausted. I'm amazed that Boeing hasn't realized that exhausted workers don't produce the best they have to give. Dave doesn't complain, but I'm his mom and I see how it's breaking him down by the 8th day in a row.

We need a new plan. We need some time to sit down and  talk about it but right now Dave isn't sure if he is going to get Friday off after Thanksgiving, so even making a plan has to wait. I'm not sure if I have the ambition to rip open boxes to find the roasting pan to make the turkey. We might just ignore the holidays this year. I refuse to unpack again. The TV is sitting on a plastic tote and I just don't care!


Rita said...

What an awful time and right near the holidays. I'm so very sorry for the loss of your beloved pet. This might not help but if you have a Ponderosa they may serve Thanksgiving in your area. We have been just the two of us in the past and I would have liked to have known that. If you don't feel well and in the middle of a move well....the holidays can be overwhelming. Bless you and I hope things really turn around. Will say many prayers for you and Dave.

Sherry said...

Most definitely prayers for you both.

What? Still no house?! DANG IT! And everything is supposed to be fully disclosed or they could have a lawsuit on their hands if the property (taxes included) isn't as advertised.

Find the appraisal district for your county. You can find any house/property, its appraised value as well as annual taxes. Ask for current utility your area especially the summer bills - which will most likely be the highest.

Even here, we looked for 9 months before finding a house to buy. You won't believe - or maybe you would - what people do to houses. eyeroll

Holee said...

Sherri, times are different now...beware of a short sale. The lawyer told us laws in Texas are weak...